– Producer Michael Cash, inspired by the mid-2010s project "Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes," aimed to expand the concept by having contemporary artists like Post Malone record Bob Dylan songs.

– Intrigued by Post Malone's massive streaming success and his Dylan fandom, Cash pitched the idea to Dylan's representative, Jeff Rosen.

– Cash received the green light and Dylan's commitment to craft a song specifically for the project, leading to the creation of a track called "Be Not Deceived."

– On November 18, 2020, Rosen shared the song's lyrics with Cash, revealing a poignant theme of loss of innocence and forging one's path.

– Cash excitedly presented the lyrics to Malone, who was moved to tears upon hearing them.

– Post Malone, known for his interest in the supernatural, visited Cash's studio in Woodstock, New York, to record the song, even bringing along a film crew and engaging in ghost hunting.

– Despite Malone's hope that the reclusive Dylan might participate, the sessions were productive, resulting in about 40% of the song's completion.

– Unfortunately, the project hit a standstill as communication and expectations faltered, leaving the unfinished song in limbo.

Dylan's team eventually decided to retract the lyrics due to the lack of progress, leaving Cash disappointed but philosophical about the experience.

– While Cash remains hopeful about completing the song in the future, the collaboration between these two iconic musicians remains an intriguing yet unrealized venture.