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vidmate apk 2014 is the most used and popular Video downloading app. Everyone’s favorite Vitmate app for downloading videos, pictures and audio files from online. Because, all kind of video can be downloaded very fast from online with vidmate apk 2014 download. The download speed of the original Vitmate download app is faster. Many people want to download the original vidmate apk old version. But, They do not know how and where they will download the old version vidmate apk. Today I will share with you the Some old version vidmate apk download. If you want to download the original Vitmate, today’s post is for you.

From this post you will be able to download vidmate apk 2014, vidmate apk 2015 , vidmate apk 2016, vidmate apk 2017, vidmate apk 2018, vidmate apk 2019 and also learn about

What is vidmate apk old version? Why vidmate apk old version download anything so fast? Why vidmate.apk download is not available in Google Play Store? And many more, Let’s started-

vidmate old version



What is vidmate apk old version?

Vitmate is most popular video or audio downloading software or Android app. Audio, video or pictures can be easily downloaded online from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram any other websites. through vidmate app. We know Youtube, Facebook, and instagram does not allow downloading video. So you need vidmate app to download video from social media including Youtube. Vidmate apk helps you to download any video easily and quickly from any websites like YouTube, Facebook . Vidmate app old version mean’s which version is not update. Basically we are use to with vidmate apk old version and the updated version have a not the feature like the old version vidmate apk have. Though we are use to with the vidmate old version app so we don’t like to use to vidmate apk new version.

Why vidmate apk download is downloading so fast?

vidmate app has been hosted on a high quality server. And every high quality server works through high quality frequencies. So,which application or website use highality server and frequencies, their downloading much fast than Others. As a result, when downloading a file through the Vitmate app, it is downloaded very quickly.

Why Vidmate App is not available in Play Store?

First, if a company does not submit their app to the Play Store or if an app violates Google’s terms and policy. That app is not available in the Play Store. Vidmate apk download violates Google’s policy so is not available in Play Store. Because, we all know that, YouTube and Play Store are Google’s Products. And Google does not allow video downloads from YouTube. And Vidmate app used for downloading videos from YouTube. I think now you may understand why vidmate apk is not available in play store.

Why Vidmate Apk download so popular?

We can not download any video form any social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.But through the Vidmate app we can download video,audio and picture from any social media or website easily. And the downloading speed of vidmate app is super fast than other video downloading app. This is why vidmate apk is so popular.

What can you do with Vidmate apk old version download ?

You can browse any website through the Vitmate app. And you can download HD quality videos from any social media and YouTube. You can download any quality video, audio and image quickly form any website. Because vidmate apk old version’s download speed is super fast. I have given the old version vidmate apk download link below. You will find all old version vidmate apk 2014, vidmate apk 2015 , vidmate apk 2016, vidmate apk 2017, vidmate apk 2018, vidmate apk 2019 from this link below.

Vidmate apk app is available in different versions. You can find the vidmate apk old version vidmate apk 2014, vidmate apk 2015 , vidmate apk 2016, vidmate apk 2017, vidmate apk 2018, vidmate apk 2019 from many other sites. But I recommend downloading vidmate’s official website. Because your device can be attached by virus if you download vidmate apk from some other website. Because every website is not safe for browsing and downloading files. Thank you.


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